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You Rock! Own it.

"The cold of the season, sun deprivation and shorter days are the topic of so many conversations right now, and a major cause of feeling low energy. We feel more tired, less energetic; in fact hibernation and eating more carbs seem very appealing. Those bears have the right idea!

Honoring the seasons and listening to our body's messages is an excellent way to conserve energy and restore balance. If it's too cold and icy to take your usual walk or workout, allow yourself (without guilt) a few days off and know that when the sun comes out from behind the clouds is your signal to take your exercise outdoors again. We naturally want more food that will spike our energy or add more insulation from cold. If you eat an extra chocolate, or a little more mac and cheese than usual, know it's the season, and when warmer weather comes and you'll be naturally moving around and exercising more….so, let go of the guilt. Without guilt you'll be more apt to hear the whisperings from your inner being, and you'll make wise choices for yourself, without struggle.

Unfinished business, unmade decisions and postponed projects can drain us, too. So decide to do it or dump it. Forget the perfect decision--just trust yourself, make a decision, and align with it. Put projects in your calendar or make an appointment with yourself to get started. If you can't find any good time, you don't really want to do it. So don't.

Worry is another energy drain. When we worry, we think we're dealing with things, but we're really just tormenting ourselves. If you can't distract yourself, do one thing that brings you a step closer to coping. If it's the middle of the night, write a 'to do' list … you don't even have to turn on the light.

Here's a great way to boost your energy, and you can do it several times a day. Write sticky notes to remind yourself: Remember that we are surrounded by life giving source energy, so bring it in with a couple of long breaths, and consciously let all the tension drain from your body. Then continue breathing deep regular breaths in and out. As you place all of your awareness on your breathing, begin to feel IT breathing YOU….and feel nourished, and maybe a slight tingling in your fingers and toes as the supportive energy moves through your body.

Do this lovely exercise…and don't talk about the weather. Energize and be well."

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