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About Peg


Peg at Watkins Glen Gorges, Upstate New York

“Everything I teach is informed by my understanding that self love and self acceptance are essential to happiness.”

Peg Davis, BA, MS, CRT, Holistic Counselor, Mentor coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist.


She is a Reiki Master Teacher, a certified practitioner of HeartMath Institute Coherence Breathing, EFT Energy Psychology, Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment, IBRT certified regression therapist, and credentialed Louise Hay teacher.

Peg’s Personal Approach 

I work with individuals and groups choosing from modalities uniquely suited to each client’s needs and desires. I may use hypnotherapy and relaxation techniques, regression therapy, breath work, meridian tapping (EFT), Myers-Briggs Personality Type Assessment for personal or employee development, Reiki energy medicine,  personal writing, mindfulness or meditation practices.

Currently, I teach a Law of Attraction Master Class, (which began in 2007), and I facilitate Reiki several times a year to train students in the healing art of Reiki energy medicine.  

Working with individuals or groups, I often draw on my expertise as a Myers-Briggs practitioner, and assist my clients in recognizing their own and others personality preferences. This inspires understanding, positive change and improved relations with friends, family and work partners.  

I can help you: 


~Bring balance to health and habits

~Improve creativity, focus and intuitive ability

~Understand the messages of emotions

~Connect and communicate with your body

~Manage feelings

~Reduce stress

~Navigate life transitions

~Strengthen clarity and vision for personal happiness

~Feel ease and peace of mind

~Create an intentional life

~Discover innate personality preferences to better

  understand and accept yourself and others 

~Vibrantly realize blending of your psychophysiospiritual being

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Peg’s Healing Philosophy 

Everyone of us deserves the best life has to offer — physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. However, when the stresses of our fast-paced modern life accumulate — fatigue, imbalance, unrest and unhappiness overshadow our natural vitality.

Healing involves moving toward wholeness. BodyMind healing gently dissolves limiting thoughts and moves us toward acceptance of ourselves. 

This is a state of living with awareness, in balance and harmony with ourselves and our environment.  As we intentionally express who we are, and who we are becoming, we live consciously.  And we experience more humor, vitality, organization, self-acceptance, creativity, flexibility, intuitive understanding and clarity of thought.

This is optimal well-being… and this is the type of counseling and coaching philosophy I demonstrate with my clients, helping them bring balance to their body, mind and spirit.

Your individual needs are served with in-person, Zoom, or phone sessions according to the healing plan you and I create together.

Many of my workshops are appropriate for use, education and development with staffs and faculty.  Corporate clients include:

  • Alfred University

  • Corning Incorporated

  • Joint Education and Training, Inc. (JET,Inc.)

  • Guthrie Corning Hospital

  • Statewide Advocacy for School Health (SASH)

  • Toshiba International

  • Capital Region BOCES

  • Association for Physical Health Education Recreation and Dance (APHERD)

  • Ithaca College

  • Corning Community College

You can also find me teaching at Beauty Way.


IMG_3011 2.jpg

Every person pictured on the website is a real person enjoying life using the concepts Peg teaches!

“First Peg Davis changed my life. Then she saved it."

"When I began studying (Abraham-Hicks) Law of Attraction material with Peg Davis, my 15 year old business was in so much trouble that I had hired a bankruptcy lawyer to help me. Within three years of working with Peg, not only was that company thriving, but I had built seven other companies and had multimillion dollar offers to sell pieces of some of them.

Then I was diagnosed with Stage 3 colorectal cancer. Using the teachings of Peg and a combination of hypnotherapy, Reiki, and the teachings of Abraham, within eight weeks my cancer was 100% gone. I even knew it was gone before my doctors did. In short, Peg helped save my life.”

~ Bill Christian, President & CEO, Vision Communications, LLC

"Zen and Zest Meditation and Writing class has changed my wellbeing in exponential ways."

"Before taking this class last Fall, I thought I was meditating effectively, and assumed I was pretty good at journaling my thoughts and intentions. So I didn’t expect to gain much from taking this course. Honestly, I COULD NOT HAVE BEEN MORE WRONG!

My ability to really meditate, with productive writing techniques has become my new Superpower! Peg’s teachings and guidance and the shared experience with others brought my NEW meditation and writing practice into the light with love.

Thanks, Peg! You certainly are extremely awesome at what you do.”

~S. M. 

"I’ve worked with other therapists who seem to have an agenda to fit me into a formula." 

"You have this bag of tools that you choose from to uniquely work with each client … it worked, I’m happy. Thank you.”

~ S.E., MBA   

“You raised my vibration!" 

"Going into Peg's office gave me an energy boost and helped to change the rest of the day...and my life!”

~ Krista Carlson, PhD

 “Peg made the course exciting with positive energy."

I enjoyed the entire day. It re-energized me.”

~ Nancy L.

“(Peg’s class) gave me the motivation I was looking for.”

~ John Brown

Peg did an outstanding job of presenting information to us with warmth and enthusiasm that was contagious …"

"Each week I came away feeling I had gained more knowledge, insight or understanding either about myself or how to direct my life.”

~ J. Thomas     

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