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The Closets of our Mind

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

"I am satisfied, fulfilled and complete; I am ready for new adventure. I clean out the closets of my mind to prepare for what awaits." I was working through the process of decluttering, recently, with a client who was describing her home and the exhausting effect that overwhelming stacks of paper, possessions loaded with memories, and drawers full of 'stuff'….have on her when she walks in the door each day.

And I reminded her that we can clear clutter from more than one direction. Clutter in our surroundings reflects cluttered, congested thinking in our minds. And the inability to focus and finish jobs we start are often the byproduct of our cluttered environment.

So, we can begin by clearing our minds and practicing focus on one thing….finish it (no multi tasking, please!) and then go on to the next ONE thing….finish it. Your focus will become a clear and powerful laser beam! The more you practice focusing on one thing at a time, the more you will know what you desire and how to create it.

Or, we can begin to clear one stack, or one file, or one bin at a time…once again, don't take on the whole pile at once--break it into do-able pieces. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Leave a note on your easy chair that says 'clean one (file) (box) (drawer)'. So every time you go to your favorite chair after dinner, there's the note!

Or have a friend sit with you as you sort….it REALLY makes for success!

Remember, you can declutter from the inside out, or the outside in. Clear your (mind) (space) and fill up your heart, with satisfaction. Ready for new adventure. Prepared for what awaits."

~ Peg Davis - BodyMind Wellness

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