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Be Happy Now

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

"I'll be happy when…." "But what if…?" It's amazing how much of our lives we spend in the imagined future; sometimes dreaming happy endings and sometimes terrorizing ourselves with the possible scenarios of what might happen.

It's good to have goals, and visualizing our desires makes for success. But what we are living right here, right now, is determining our future. It's important…imperative….that we settle into this moment, whatever this moment is for us, and be present for what is taking place. Pull your attention back from making plans and be mindful of what's in front of you.

And if what's in front of you isn't to your liking, go one step further and choose a thought that allows you a slightly different perspective. Choose to think in a way that will help you feel more comfortable ... right here, right now. Because all our "right here, right now" moments are the real foundation that the imagined future is built on. What we're feeling now is drawing more of that to us. What we are expecting now is drawing more of that to us. What we're thinking now is drawing more of that to us.

And don't get freaked out if you think an unsavory thought…there is a buffer of time, results aren't instantaneous…just get in the habit of being mindful of 'this moment', 'now', and finding a way to feel good about it. You'll be living successfully in the now--which is all there REALLY is."

~ Peg Davis - BodyMind Wellness

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