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Make Yourself Count

"How many times have you been encouraged to 'take care of yourself'? In this fast paced, stress filled, tightly scheduled world, most of us realize the need for self care, but don't often follow our inner urgings. And, self care is quite different for different people.

Think about it. How do you define taking care of yourself? Eating healthy meals, getting enough sleep, 10 minutes a day for writing, or a quiet cup of tea, or a power nap...a regular massage appointment, meditating consistently, curling up with a good book or movie, date night with your significant other, exercising regularly, getting a mani-pedi, making time to get together with friends, having time to daydream, making time to write your plans and dreams…..?

To take care of yourself, you first must know what that feels like for you. Once you've reached that clarity, find ways to make it happen consistently for yourself. It will take planning and focus. You're worth it. PLAN IT NOW. DO IT THIS WEEK. HAVE FUN WITH IT!"

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