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Get Out of My Head

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

“How many times do you have conversations in your head with yourself or someone else, justifying, explaining, proving you’re right, worrying about “it”? We waste so many precious moments revisiting what we might have said, or justifying why we did…reliving the past and blaming ourselves or ’them’.

You don’t have to justify yourself to anyone. You are worthy just because you exist. It’s not about achieving success…there’s always more to strive for. So, let’s stop wasting the moments, refuse to live in the past (even if it's five minutes ago). Come into the present, and look, in THIS moment, for whatever feels good. It can be the geese honking noisily over your head (messaging a return of warm weather, thank goodness!) or a dog hanging its head happily out a car window, or the sheer joy of feeling vibrant and healthy as you walk.

Turn over every moment, don’t let any goodness escape, and as you consciously intend to find good stuff to look at, your whole mind and the astounding Universe will deliver more and more of it to you. And how good you feel will be the best reward."

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