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Be Inspired

I just promised my grandson I would join him in his “Insanity” (no, REALLY, that’s what it’s called…) exercise regime (45 minutes a day) while we’re on family vacation at the beach. And I will. As I remind myself that the best exercise routine in the world is ‘breathe deep breaths to a space a couple of inches below your navel, drink lots of water, and sit quietly 10-15 minutes a day, slowing your body and mind to synchronize with your eternal self.

If we take the time to do those 3 things, we will be inspired (inspiration comes from a different place than motivation, and is more nourishing) to do all those other things that keep us healthy and well and happy…maybe even 45 minutes of ‘insanity’ training.

Go, get happy.” ~ Peg Davis – BodyMind Wellness

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