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Love A Friend

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

“The best thing we can do for someone we want to help is to see them in our gaze of wellbeing. And just what does that mean, you say? When we have a friend or loved one who is in pain, emotional or physical, we so want to ease their discomfort. We try to think of the perfect words that will soothe, and we talk more and more about it…to them, to others, as if sharing the story or analyzing the cause of their problem will take it away.

Quite the contrary. The more we think about it and talk about it in terms of worry; we are bringing energy and power to the problem, rather than the solution. So what to do? We can hold them in our gaze of wellbeing. Thoughts are creative energy. They are the basis, the starting point of all that exists.

Bring your friend or loved one to mind. Remember them in an experience when they were laughing and happy and enjoying themselves immensely.

Take some moments and imagine them that way…healthy, whole, complete, laughing and vibrant and full of fun! As your thought goes out and reaches them, any like thought within them will expand and become more. Synergy. Wellness. Good feelings. Wellbeing. Every time you think of them, see them this way. There’s no better way to love a friend.” ~ Peg Davis – BodyMind Wellness

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